SolarVenti at Sea!

Hals Barre lighthouse, located about five miles east of Hals in North Jutland, Denmark, was treated to an extensive renovation from 2013 and onwards – both outside and inside.

Back in 1912, when Hals Barre lighthouse was established, it replaced a lightship. The lighthouse was established with chambers, galley and a living room for the people manning the place, and a machine room where a diesel-generator produced heat and electricity.

Today it is too expensive to staff this small island, and the employees were to be limited to just one, a part time lighthouse keeper living in the nearby city of Hals on the mainland.

The oil burner should be removed and replaced with photovoltaic solar cells to power the lamp, and the building had to be repaired.

In practice, it quickly  turned out, that the removal of the boiler from the lighthouse started causing great moisture problems in the building and installations.

And how do you solve moisture problems on an island this small?

– With four specially produced SolarVenti air collectors, of course, and they are now arranged around the photovoltaic solar cells, as seen in the picture.

Now everything is in the dry …