Textbook for Solar Air Collectors

Here you get a quick overview of the most important things that cause formation of moisture in buildings ‐ especially in basements and buildings that are not used in winter. This description applies primarily to solar air heaters for dehumidification … Read More

Solar heating enhances air quality in schools

Many New Zealand primary-school children struggle through the winter months with respiratory and infectious illnesses. Could improving air quality in classrooms help their health? During the winter, people spend up to 90% of their time inside, where the air is … Read More

Almost everyone on Earth now breathes polluted air…

(CNN) Almost everyone on Earth now breathes polluted air, according to an air quality map released Tuesday by the World Health Organization. The interactive map, based on global air pollution data, confirms that 92% of the world’s population lives in … Read More

SolarVenti at Sea!

Hals Barre lighthouse, located about five miles east of Hals in North Jutland, Denmark, was treated to an extensive renovation from 2013 and onwards – both outside and inside.

Back in 1912, when Hals Barre lighthouse was established, it replaced a lightship.… Read More

New Motor-driven Valve

The new motor valve provides an additional safeguard against hard drafts. The valve closes and opens only when the solar air collector starts (and the valve receives + 5V voltage). The valve is opened during 3 seconds. Must be installed with … Read More