Mounting for Roof SV7/SV14

There are three SV7 / SV14 roof versions:
  1. With complete kit for the Fiber Cement (Type1)
  2. With complete mounting kit for roofs with steel, roofing felt, bitumen and Decra. (Type2)
  3. With complete mounting kit for tiling with bricks, cement bricks (contains roof anchors) (Type3)

Roof mounting kit for installation on roofs. Gives the optimal angle to the sun at 50-65 °.

The kit contains the necessary components (fittings, aluflex tube 175 cm in Ø125, feeder and accessories) to attach and install the SolarVenti on a roof.

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2 pcs. Roof stands (containing of 8 pcs. Alu profile)
1 pc. SabetoFLEX roof flashing
2 pcs. Armaflex fittings (self-adhesive insulation strips)
1 pc. Flexible hose Ø160 mm, 75 cm
1 pc. Aluflex pipe Ø125 mm, 175 cm
2 pcs. Plastic strips
1 pc. Glue SabetoFIX, 75 ml
4 pcs. Pressure pads
4 pcs. Assembly screws

Roof anchors for Type3 roofs ( brick – and cement tiles )


Designed for roof mounting for brick tiles and cement tiles where holes can not be made through the tiles in connection with the mounting. Each assembly requires a set (4 anchors). Is standard with Type 3 roof mounting.