Regulator 2

Regulator2 – Plastic

Type: SV Regulator unit for operation of solar cell
incl. on/off switch, regulator, and thermostat
Material: Alu eloxated Nature/Black plastic

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The SV SV Regulator 2 is a new and improved electronic control box

The box for the SV regulator unit is made of brushed aluminum and black plastic. It contains several functions. These are used for the various different SolarVenti solar air collector models, as required.

We have selected and programmed the SV Regulator1’s components especially for solar cell control. This means, among other things, that even less sun is now required to start the system. The SolarVenti solar air collector will start up at the slightest indication of the sun, even if it is hidden behind a thin layer of cloud cover before the blue sky becomes visible.

The SV SV Regulator 1 also ensures that the system’s fan always works with very smooth, gradual transitions. If you listen closely to the SV solar air collector’s injection air vent in the house, the increase or decrease in the rotation speed of the fan (which depends on the strength of the sun) will be heard as a soft, quiet whirr.

The SV Regulator1 is available for all SolarVenti models, except the SV3. The heat output from the very small model is too low to provide too much heat in the rooms they are ventilating. There is no need for thermal control. Therefore, a simple SV on/off switch is sufficient for the SV3 model. In special cases, an SV Regulator Unit can be delivered with the SV3 at extra cost.

The situation in which the system is used will determine whether a thermostat is necessary for the SV7, SV14 and SV20.

The three largest models – SV20, SV30 and SV30X – are always delivered with an SV Regulator1.