SV3 Air – Up to 25m²

The Solarventi SV3 is the smallest model and is delivered complete with accessories for mounting on a wall.

The amount of hot air from the small models, does not exceed levels for temperature and m3 that makes thermostat/regulator unit necessary.

That is why SV3 are delivered only with on/off switch.

The panel filter is maintenance free.


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Recommended max area of the house in m²: 25 m² ( 29.9 yd² square yards)

Maximum air flow – m3/h: 35 m3  ( 45.78 yd3 cubic yards)

Complete replacement of the air in the room: In less than 2 hours

Utilization of solar radiation (Efficiency): 57%

Estimated avarage energy production kWh/m2 per year *570 kWh

Estimated energy production kWh/SV-unit/year *200 kWh

Rise in temperature compared to outdoor temperature: Approx. 15 degrees K (e.g. from 10o  C to 25o C)

Dimension  (panel) in mm: L. x W. x D., excl. package: 700 x 515 x 55 mm (27.71 ” x 20.63″ x 2.17″)

Dimension  (panel) in mm: L. x W. x D., incl. package: 900 x 600 x 140 mm (35.43″ x 23.62″ x 5.5″)

Dimension (roof mountingh kit) in mm: L. x W. x D.: No roof mounting kit for this model

Panel size in m²: 0,35 m²  ( 0.42  yd² )

Solar cell – watts / power generation: 6 watt

Ventilator – watts / power consumption: 3,4 watt

Weight (panel) – kg, excl. package: 5,5  kg. ( 12.13 Lb )

Weight (panel) – kg, incl. package: 8 kg. ( 17.64 Lb)

Weight (roof mounting kit) – kg, incl. package: No roof mounting kit for this model

Maintenance free (number of years): Up to 15 years

Product warranty: 5 years

Framework (Material): Aluminum (seawater resistant)

Air outlet on collector – Dimensions in mm: 125 mm ( 4.92″ )

Cover plate (transparent): Polycarbonate

Indoor inlet valve in the house: 125 mm ( 4.92″ )

Humidity stopp – to prevent condensation water and back drafts: Yes

Tube for wall mounting, screws etc.: Yes

Cooling and extraction kit with extra solar cell: No

Cooling and extraction kit without extra solar cell: No

Roof mounting kit, type 1, for tile etc.: No

Roof mounting kit, type 2 for steel plate roof etc.: No

Basement mounting kit: No


(Values are under Danish weather conditions. –  Much higher values in countries closer to the equator.)

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Frame Color

Aluminium, Black, White