We only use the very best materials for our products. – Therefore, we gladly give a 5 year factory warranty on all our solar air collectors!

The product warranty includes:

  • SolarVenti Standard and SolarVenti Basement – ie. Solar cell, fan, plug, backplate, frame, cover sheet, absorber felt and wall and roof kit..
  • On the regulator, control, spare parts and other accessories, a 2 year product warranty is granted.
  • The 5 year product warranty came into force on april 1st 2013. For products purchased before this date, the warranty period is 2 years.

The product warranty covers:

Defects or lacks at delivery time

Are there any defects or lacks on the product at the time of delivery – for example Fabrication or material defects – Depending on the defect, you can either get the product repaired, exchanged or get a discount.

Therefore, always check if there are any defects or lacks on delivery. In case of defects, SolarVenti or the dealer you have purchased the product must be informed immediately.

Within the warranty period

Should the product break down within the warranty period, as per agreement the product must be sent to a SolarVenti dealer for repair. Spare parts and repair costs are made at no cost to the customer. However, the SolarVenti dealer may, by agreement, choose to come to the customer for repair.

Remember to keep the invoice as it acts as a guarantee certificate. Always send a copy of this together with your inquiry.

The warranty does not cover:

The warranty does not cover defects that have arisen due to malfunction, lack of maintenance, modifications made to the product, gross abuse by the buyer / user, vandalism, storm damage or other external causes.

If a product is sent for warranty repair without fulfilling the terms of the warranty, the costs must be paid by the customer.