Healthy indoor climate with solar heating

The indoor climate in well insulated modern houses is normally healthy for your fuel bill but certainly not always for your health. The problem stems from the missing air renewal.

Gone are the days of natural ventilation through numerous small leakages in our houses. Instead we find tight windows and doors, while walls and ceilings are sealed by vapor barriers. Moisture on the inside of the double glazing has become a sign of an unsound indoor climate.


Ventilation lags behind

Most new houses attempt to ensure a sound indoor  climate by ventilation through fresh air ducts.

However, the air renewal supply of many buildings has not been dimensioned to meet the actual needs of modern homes.

This causes a bad indoor climate, and in serious cases it may involve health risks because of dry rot in the walls and structure of the building.


Lumpy sugar and stale air in your cottage

Buildings left unused part of the year are particularly exposed to the problem of damaging air moisture content outside of the holiday season.

The indoor climate suffers from the relatively low temperatures and the closed windows and locked doors. Typical signs are stale air and lumps in the sugar bowl when the house is being used during weekends or opened for the season.

Sukkerskål med klumper

SolarVenti without any operating costs

Almost 60,000 customers have experienced that the SolarVenti can solve the problem of moist and unsound indoor climate – without any operating costs. This is true even on days or during periods when sunlight is scarce. When the system has been in operation for some time the overall moisture content of the building materials and the furniture will have been lowered and the living conditions for the dry rot destroyed.

Moreover, an increasing number of clients find that the SolarVenti is capable of removing moisture and creating a sounder indoor climate in houses designed for year-round use. To this may be added a list of other potential applications, e.g. for basements, caravans, boats, containers, museums etc.