Solar heating dehumidifies and ventilates vacation homes

Free ventilation with warm, dry air throughout the year with the SolarVenti air collector makes holiday homes nice to be in – and nice to come to when the season starts.

Without any operating or environmental costs.

The SolarVenti solar air collector’s patented construction can solve the vacations homes indoor climat problems and saving on heating bills at the same time.

SolarVenti solar air collector is solar powered – it runs without burdening the user’s money purse while delivering a positive contribution to the planet’s CO2-accounting.

All year round, without maintenance and whenever the sun shines just a little bit, the solar air collector sends free, warm and dry air into the building. And pushing stale moist air out. A SV30 air collector blows 100 to 150m3 of air in per hour when the sun shines.

The preheated ventilation air is blown into the house with a temperature increase of up to 40° degrees compared to the outdoor air.

Ventilation Flows/Streams

  1. When the sun shines just a bit on the panel of the solar air collector on the sunny side of the Vacation Home or on the sun faced roof, the air very quickly becomes very hot inside the panel.
  2. At the same time the panels solar-powered fan begins to blow the hot and dry ventilation air into the holiday home.
  3. The air – which is blown into the house – pushes the humid and old air out through leaks or opening outlet from the vent hood. It is the location of the opening ventilation outlets that determine how the ventilation air moves through the house.

Be aware that you close the chimney flue if the flue sits near the SolarVenti’s injection air vent.

When the solar air collector must make an effect in several rooms with doors between each room, the doors must remain open – or there will be fitted standard general fresh air vents between the rooms.